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HEMI LX/LC/LD L2 Dual Pump Fuel System by Fore Innovations

Weight:30.0 lbs
*Vehicle Year  
2005 - 2010
2011 - 2016
*Fuel Rail Option  
Clear (satin silver)
Delete Hemi fuel rails, Subtract -$260.00
*Engine Size  
*Primary Fuel Pump  
Walbro GSS342, Add $90.00
TI Auto F90000262, Add $115.00
TI Auto F90000267, Add $120.00
TI Auto F90000274, Add $125.00
*Secondary Fuel Pump  
Walbro GSS342, Add $90.00
TI Auto F90000262, Add $115.00
TI Auto F90000267, Add $120.00
TI Auto F90000274, Add $125.00
*Electrical Upgrade  
None (I have my own fuses, wiring, relays, etc)
FC2 Controller with 6 gauge wiring, Add $199.00
FC3 Staged Controller with 4 gauge wiring, Add $239.00
Sealed Delphi Connector and 7' 12 AWG pigtail only, Add $25.00
*Fuel Lines  
Teflon -8 Feed / Return
Startlite -8 Feed / Return
Teflon -10 Feed / -8 Return, Add $65.00
Startlite -10 Feed, -8 Return, Add $65.00
*Filtration Media  
Microglass SSD, Add $19.00
Stainless Steel, Add $32.00
Fuel Filter Upgrades  
Upgrade to 128mm Filter, Add $30.00
Add billet mounting bracket, Add $40.00
Add filter monitoring gauge and fitting, Add $54.00
System Options  
0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge, Add $24.00
Honeywell Pressure Switch for FC3, Add $42.00
Flex fuel sensor intercept kit, Add $69.00
Boost / Vacuum Manifold Kit, Add $75.00
Add fuel rail spacers, Add $20.00
Add injector spacers, Add $28.00
Include 6mL tube of Loctite, Add $8.50
Include black touch-up pen, Add $5.00
AN soft jaws and wrench set, Add $62.00

Base Price: $1,737.00
Customized Price: $1,737.00

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Fits 2005+ LX, LC, LD1200+ rwhp. Fuel rails in SERIES installation. Fuel pressure regulator mounted AFTER rails

Boost Referenced Return System for 1200+ rwhp. Filtered fuel is sent to one rail first, then crossed over to the second rail, then terminates at the regulator.

  • LX Fuel Pump Module (dual pump)
  • F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
  • Billet Hemi Fuel Rails
  • LX OEM Regulator Blockoff Kit
  • LX OEM Feed Line Blockoff Kit
  • FCV Checkvalve
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing
    • 30 feet of fuel line and 10 matching hose ends (your choice)
    • Qty 7, billet low profile 90 degree o-ring fittings
    • Qty 3, straight AN to ORB fittings
    • Qty 1, -8 ORB plug
    • Qty 10, hose straps and mounting screws
    • Qty 2, 1/8 NPT plugs
  • 2005+ 300C
  • 2006+ Charger
  • 2008+ Challenger
  • 2005-2008 Magnum
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