Hellcat Supercharger Adapter Kit by MMX

Weight:19.0 lbs
**Please check local and State laws for emissions compliance before purchasing this product**
*Engine Selection  
5.7 NON VVT Based Engines small port heads (2005-2008) Click here for more information about this option...
6.1 NON VVT Based Engines (2005-2010)
5.7, 6.4 VVT Based Engines (2011-2019)
Map Sensor Adapter  
MMX Billet MAP Sensor Adapter , Add $94.95Click here for more information about this option...
MOPAR 3 Bar MAP Sensor , Add $45.95
Please send a 20" MAP sensor Harness Extension, Add $39.95
Adapter Kit Components  
Coil Pack Extensions , Add $199.95Click here for more information about this option...
Supercharger to Head Adapter Plates, Add $466.10
Adapter Gaskets & Bolts, Add $121.99
Idler Pulleys & Custom Bracket by MMX, Add $349.32
Supercharger Coolant Pump, Add $154.95
Supercharger Coolant Tank and Bracket, Add $124.10
Supercharger Heat Exchanger, Add $439.85
SmoothBoost Electronic Bypass and boost control, Add $599.99Click here for more information about this option...
Hellcat Supercharger Bypass Valve 68170670AB, Add $135.95
Hellcat Front Drive Conversion  
Full Hellcat Front Drive Conversion for 2011-2019 6.4 and 5.7 , Add $3,996.90Click here for more information about this option...

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MMX / ModernMuscleXtreme.com has released its Hellcat Supercharger adapter kit for your 5.7L (2011+) or 6.4L HEMI.

This kit includes the needed adapter plates and the front accessory drive (which allows you to use the stock spacing and stock accessory drive system) for the Hellcat Supercharger.  The kit can be customized and loaded with options to supercharge your experience.

We have the adapter plates, idler pulleys / customer bracket, and the necessary gaskets IN STOCK and ready to ship!

  • 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • .75" Depth
Please note:
  • The Hellcat is not a fully forged engine.
  • If considering this adapter kit for your 6.4L / 392 HEMI, please think about investing in our forged pistons and rods package. This will ensure longevity under forced induction.
  • Be sure you are completely forged and have added stroke for heavier vehicles -- especially Jeeps.

5.7L HEMI 2011 - Present
6.4L HEMI 2011 - Present
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