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2006-2014 Charger 4 inch Aluminum Driveshaft by Gforce Performance - AUTO

Weight:18.0 lbs
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**Please Note That GForce Products Have a Minimum Lead Time of 10 Weeks.**

GForce Engineering aluminum driveshafts are precision-engineered, one-piece driveshafts designed for use in high-performance, high-horsepower vehicles. At home on the street, the dragstrip or the track, these driveshafts are designed and built to hold up to aggressive driving while providing the mild manners you expect from a late-model performance application.

GForce Engineering driveshafts are all aluminum, splined slip-shaft assemblies designed with a tightly fitted splined assembly that lets the shaft plunge in and out but also gives the shaft the ability to spin vibration free and with incredible strength. The splined area comes with a boot to protect it from dust and other road debris. All GForce driveshafts also come with solid core, heavy-duty U-joints front and rear.

Each shaft is high-speed balance checked on some of the best balancing equipment in the industry. Each driveshaft is balanced at 7 – 8,000 rpm to ensure you get a perfectly balanced driveshaft and to eliminate vibration and NVH.

Note: These driveshafts do NOT use a CV joint. No CV means you don’t have an extra 5 lbs. sitting on the front of your driveshaft that puts extra stress and loads on the output shaft and seals. It also means you don’t have a CV joint that can wear or need serviced. Also gone are the rubber couplers that are found on the OEM driveshaft.

These new driveshafts only weigh an average of 17 lbs. An OEM shaft can weigh 24 lbs. and 28 lbs. That’s more than a 7+ pound weight reduction.

Each shaft also comes with our billet adapters for the front and rear. Each adapter is machined to positively locate in the stock 3 or 4-finger yoke (flange) for a perfect fit and alignment. Both the front and rear adapters bolt right up to the stock yoke or flange with the supplied hardware for a trouble free installation.

  • 4” Aluminum Driveshaft
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Driveline Tubing
  • Splined Slip-Shaft Design
  • Solid Core HD U-Joints Front & Rear
  • CNC Machined Billet Adapters Front and Rear
  • Bolt-in Installation
  • Peak HP and Torque Increase
  • Reduced Rotating Mass
  • Increased Fuel Economy

Note: 4″ Driveshafts may require some modifications to other components (i.e. exhaust or crossmembers) in order to fit properly. Clearances can be tight and will vary from car to car and model to model.
2006 - 2014 Dodge Charger SRT & RT

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