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2015+ Hellcat Dual Pump Fuel Module only by Fore Innovations ONLY ONE LEFT

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Weight:20.0 lbs
*Build Induction Description  
Intake Manifold Type
Power Adder(s)
Fitting Selection  
Feed none
Plugs, Add $16.00
Feed #8an, Add $29.00
Feed #10, Add $29.00
Return none
Return #6an, Add $29.00
Return #8an, Add $29.00
*Electrical Upgrades  
None (I have my own fuses, wiring, relays, etc)
FC3 Staged Controller with 4 gauge wiring, Add $249.00

Sale Price: $899.99
Customized Price: $899.99

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  • Drop in pump assembly for Hellcat Charger and Challenger
  • Use with OE fuel feed line (returnless) or upgraded fuel lines (return)
  • No control support (modulation or regulation): see our complete Hellcat fuel systems or use at your own risk
  • E85 and race fuel compatible
  • Comes with dual F90000285 fuel pumps pre-installed
  • O-ring feed and return ports (may be plugged for returnless operation)

  • Pressure regulation and flow output is [in car] electronic, so performance troubleshooting must be accomplished by the tuner and/or installer. (we cannot support)
  • In-tank fine filtration is removed, so external, inline fine filtration must be added for the safety of the injectors.A second OE FPDM must be used and implemented to drive the second pump (do not choose FC2 or FC3)
  • Use 33-029 to adapt OE rail inlet to AN-8 Male
  • Use 33-030 to adapt OE rail inlet to AN-10 Male

OE Feed Outlet Option
  1. OE: use if you wish to neglect post filtration and send 70 micron fuel to injectors (not recommended)
  2. Plug: use if you plan to run in a return configuration (feed on top of our pump module will be used)
  3. AN-8 Male: adapts outlet of OE feed outlet (on passenger side to AN-8 male so an inline filter can be fitted)
  4. AN-10 Male: same as item #3, but with -10 adapter
  • Recommended use
  • Requires upgraded feed and return lines, external (fine) filtration, external fuel pressure regulator, and external power supply for fuel pumps. See our complete Hellcat fuel systems
  • 2015+ Charger Hellcat
  • 2015+ Challenger Hellcat

  • Feed Port: Female -10 o-ring
  • Return Port: Female -8 o-ring
  • Pump Power Wires: 12 AWG stranded copper, one pair per pump
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