Hellcat Dual Pump Fuel Pump System - New Design Performance Plug and Play - by MMX

Weight:6.0 lbs
Price: $1,198.99
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  • Dual Ti Automotive F90000285 Turbine Pumps standard.
  • Completely e85 compatible.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the stock fuel system and controller.
  • Billet 6061-T6 construction.
  • Plug-and-Play wiring harness and PWM controller included.
  • The dual Ti-285 system is dyno proven to support over 1100 RWHP on e85, 1200+ on gasoline.

The Hellcat 6.2L supercharged engine utilizes a highly evolved powertrain control module (PCM). This system uses wideband O2 sensors to continuously monitor and adjust fuel / air ratio; even at wide open throttle (WOT). One of the ways it does this is by controlling the fuel pressure at the engine’s fuel rails. The PCM reads the actual rail pressure and adjusts the fuel pump’s speed to maintain the commanded pressure. All current fuel pump boosters and return style dual and triple pump systems eliminate the PWM fuel pump control module and simply run the pump(s) on raw voltage. This removes a key control element, reducing your calibration engineer’s ability to properly tune for the new modifications. This results in degraded drivability and in some cases damage to the engine.

The system integrates with the OEM fuel management system, it adds capacity but maintains all control elements, allowing for proper engine calibration. Our plug-n-play wiring harness is simple to install and is non-distinctive to your Hellcat’s stock wiring harness. Simply tap two wires (FCM and fuel pump relay signals) reconnect the level sending unit signal wires; everything else mates to the stock connectors.

Another problem with most currently available solutions is the elimination of the OEM fuel system’s surge tank, often referred to as the “fuel basket”. This can be thought of as a tank within a tank. The fuel pump is built into a “basket” that is fully immersed in the fuel tank. Its purpose is to maintain a consistent supply of fuel around the pumps (for cooling) and the pumps’ inlet to ensure they don’t “run dry”. These turbine pumps depend on a fuel “load” to prevent over-speeding and the resulting damage to the pump. (Your engine doesn’t like lean spikes either…). Surge tanks must be constantly filled with fresh fuel for proper operation. This is typically accomplished by diverting a small amount of pressurized fuel through a venturi, creating low pressure in a port at the bottom of the surge tank (often referred to as a jet pump). This causes fuel to fill the surge tank from the bottom of the fuel tank. Because this is a constant cycle the surge tank is always filling and overflowing fresh, cool fuel.

This new system incorporates a proprietary surge tank with 35% greater capacity than OEM; including dual high-volume jet pumps:

MMX Hellcat Dual Pump Fuel System

Best of all, this system typically takes less than two hours to install. Everything you need is included in the box along with detailed instructions.

2015+ Dodge Charger Hellcat
2015+ Dodge Challenger Hellcat
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