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HEMI Engine Custom Stroker Builds by Modern Muscle Performance /

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As a key part of our research and development here at Modern Muscle as well as being confident that our customers are getting the best possible product, we have always built custom HEMI stroker engines for our clients. Up until now, we were perfectly fine with keeping a low profile in this part of the market because we really wanted to focus the attention on key products that really enhance the platform at the very core… The Gen 3 HEMI engine.

Modern Muscle Performance HEMI Stroker Engine Short Block Offerings

One of the highest profile products being Modern Muscle’s custom spec forged pistons that were developed in a relationship between MAHLE and Dave Weber, the owner of Modern Muscle. Pistons that are considered a “must have” for anyone considering forced induction or using nitrous. We didn’t stop there, though. We wanted to provide our customers with the means to forge the entire bottom end of their HEMI’s which includes rods. Tom Molnar and Dave Weber put their heads together to produce a forged rod to suit our piston offerings leading to a complete piston and rods kit. With literally thousands of combined installs from our own shop and other high profile shops in the market space like Arrington Performance, our piston and rod packages are track tested and proven beyond reproach. Products like these, custom camshafts, and other HEMI hard parts is what sets Modern Muscle apart from the rest of the pack.

With the most substantial HEMI engine building experience in this industry, Dave Weber and Modern Muscle build both street and race proven Gen 3 HEMI stroker engines in house and as well as utilizing Chris Seidle of Seidle Motorsports. Chris Seidle, the founder and owner of Seidle Motorsports has over 9 years of experience building NASCAR engines for the “big three” with over 50 wins and 2 championships. Let’s not forget to talk about his recording setting engines for the Bonneville Salt Flats in the form of small and big block Chevrolets blown, turbo-charged, and naturally aspirated. Together, Dave and Chris design, develop, and build the absolute premium Gen 3 HEMI engine at a very competitive price.
HEMI Engine Custom Stroker Builds by Modern Muscle Performance /
HEMI Engine Custom Stroker Builds by Modern Muscle Performance /
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