MMX Frequently Asked Questions / Xtreme Answers

How do I know if my vehicle has VVT (Variable Valve Timing) or not?

  • Year model 2003-2010 6.1L models & 2003-2008 were Non-VVT vehicles, 2009-Newer vehicles have VVT.

What kind of tuner works with my vehicle?

  • Both Diablosport and HP Tuners have the capability to tune any kind of vehicle. When selecting a handheld tuner it is important to know which Tuning format your Tuner uses (Diablo or HP) and select your handheld accordingly.

Can I use a stock Intake Manifold with your Ported Throttle Body?

  • Yes, you can use the ported throttle body with a stock intake and you can use a stock throttle body with a ported intake.

Will I have to get my vehicle tuned to do an MDS Delete?

  • Yes, while you will not have to get a full custom tune to do an MDS Delete you will need a handheld tuner to disable the MDS System on your PCM.

Does the Hellcat Supercharger Adapter kit come with the supercharger?

  • No, the adapter kit is only to adapt the Hellcat blower to a non-Hellcat vehicle. The kits do not fit any truck, they are for cars only.

Does your Drop in piston and rod package include bearings and gaskets

  • We do offer the bearings and gaskets as an option in the drop in piston and rod packages, just select the appropriate option prior to adding it to your cart.

I experienced a lifter failure, will I need to replace my whole engine?

  • In most cases, if you have caught the issue early enough an engine replacement is not necessary. But it is always recommended to have an experienced shop check your engine for damage to be sure.

Will I see horsepower gain if I change my injectors?

  • If all you are changing is your injectors, then no you will not see any HP gains.

How much horsepower will I gain from this?

  • Horsepower gains are always approximated, and generally depend entirely on the tune and other modifications on your vehicle. It is very hard to answer that question with an honest answer.

Do you guys offer any sort of Dealer Pricing?

  • YES! We offer Dealer pricing on all of our products except for items marked as on sale. If you are interested in becoming a dealer with us, follow this link and complete our dealer application. Once all of the necessary documentation has been received and you have created your account online we will apply your dealer discount to your account and you will be able to purchase directly through our website and receive your dealer discount.

How long does it take for you to ship my order once it has been placed online?

  • Although we always try to ship the same day, most orders will ship within 24-48 hours of the order being placed. If you have special instructions about your order after shipping, please give us a call and we will try our best to accommodate.

Do you offer tuning as a standalone service?

  • We do offer remote tuning for a selection of our camshafts, but we do not offer tuning as a standalone service yet.

Does your throttle body include gaskets and bolt?

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