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Fill Your Cart and Request a Custom Quote from MMX!

MMX Custom Quote Process!

If you have good idea of what MMX parts you would love to throw in your hotrod, but would also like to consult with one of our sales techs about your ideas, this feature is for you! Just follow the simple steps below and take the first step towards building up your HEMI powered pride and joy!

**Please note that this process is exactly the same as the normal shopping and checkout process with the exception of selecting "MMX Quote" as your payment method vs default "Credit Card" option.

Step 1: Register to Our Website

Take the time to register to our website so that we can track your quote process and help you keep all of your parts saved!

Register to Our Website
Step 2: Now that you are registered and logged in, you can begin adding the parts you are considering to your cart!
Add HEMI Parts to Your Cart!
Step 3: Now that you are done adding your parts to your cart, you can now start the checkout process! First, we want to make you aware of the "Notes" text box so that you can ask and document your questions here, as the image to the right shows.
Begin the Checkout Process!
Step 4: If you are done adding your notes (make sure to click the "update cart" button below the text box), you can now start the checkout process! Simply view your cart and select "Checkout Now" as the image to the right shows.
Begin the Checkout Process!
Step 5: Its time to select your preferred shipping method. Please take a moment to read all of our shipping notices.
Select Your Shipping Method!
Step 6: Now its time to select "MMX Quote" along with checking the "Terms Agreement" box as show in the image to the right.
Select MMX Quote as Payment Method!
Step 7: Now just a final confirmation and you're ready!
Final Quote Confirmation
Step 8: Thats it! We now have your quote in the system and you can either choose to call us or shoot us an email (see the contact page for email information).
Thats It! We will contact you.
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