6.4L 6.2L 6.1L Performance HEMI Heads by Modern Muscle Xtreme

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Modern Muscle Xtreme is proud to announce our all new G3 Hemi Head Casting! We have spent several years working on this project to fix all the factory shortcomings and deliver a feature packed cylinder head!

  • Braced rocker tower stands for improved valvetrain stability 
  • Increased deck thickness for high boost applications 
  • Increased under deck support columns to add rigidity to the deck structure 
  • Heavily increased material around the cylinder head bolt mounting bosses to add column strength and extra clamp load (-Increasing clamp load on a heavily boosted application will help keep the heads from lifting) 
  • Increased valve seat outer diameter and thickness for improved heat transfer 
  • Revised valve spring pocket for better valve spring selection 
  • 100% USA Manufactured 
  • MMX custom CNC port on both intake and exhaust 
  • 387CFM intake flow at .700 lift, 235CFM Exhaust flow at .700 lift 
  • Dual intake bolt pattern for both hellcat supercharger applications and all other intake manifold combinations 
  • Dual exhaust manifold pattern (Headers or manifolds can be installed forward, rearward or upside down of their normal direction) 
  • PSI1516 springs standard with custom locator, custom MMX tool steel retainer, and Manley machined single groove valve locks 
  • REV 2.165 hollow stem stainless steel intake valve, REV 1.655 solid inconel exhaust valves for extreme pressure and high heat applications 
  • Revised pushrod angle over stock for a better port window, and more clearance with larger diameter pushrods (-MMX Recommends 11/32 .120W Pushrods) 
  • MMX cylinder heads use a gasket seat spark plug (ER10, ER12, ER14 Brisk spark plugs) IT IS CRITICAL THAT TAPER SEAT SPARK PLUGS ARE NOT USED IN THE MMX CYLINDER HEAD 
  • Accessory bolt holes are in stock locations, all factory accessories work including the hellcat tensioner mounting bracket 
  • PM Valve guides for decreased valve guide wear and better longevity 

6.1L, 6.4L, and 6.2L based HEMI Based Engines 
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