VVT HEMI Camshaft Bolt by MMX and ARP

Weight:1.0 lbs
Price: $27.95
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MMX/ARP VVT HEMI cam bolt & washer fits 2009 - 2023 5.7, 6.4, and 6.2 HEMI engines. Torque to 135 FT/LBS with Blue Loctite on the threads. Apply a small amount of ARP Ultratorque Lubricant between the head of the bolt and the Washer. The Washer to cam gear mating surface should be clean and free of oil.

We had our New HEMI VVT Camshaft bolt tested in an independent lab with a load cell, below are the results! 

OEM Bolt Clamping Force when torqued at 90FT/LBS is 18,175 PSI 
MMX VVT Camshaft Bolt Clamping force when torqued at 135 FT/LBS is 19,561

Breakaway torque (torque required to loosen the bolt after fully torqued) 
OEM Bolt: 22 FT/LBS 
MMX VVT Cam Bolt: 102 FT/LBS 
2009 - 2023 5.7L, 6.2L, 6.4L HEMI Engines 
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