5.7L HEMI Forged 2618 Drop In Pistons and Rods Power Package

Weight:30.0 lbs
**Please check local and State laws for emissions compliance before purchasing this product**
Forged Crankshaft Option  
Molnar 3.58 Forged Stock Stroke Crankshaft *BALANCED* with Reluctor Wheel OUT OF STOCK ETA FEB 2024, Add $1,375.00Click here for more information about this option...
Ring Compressor  
3.917 Bore Ring compressor Tool , Add $45.00
3.927 Bore Ring Compressor Tool , Add $45.00
*Bearing Options  
No Bearings
STD P rod bearing non coated, Add $95.00Click here for more information about this option...
STD H performance rod bearing non coated, Add $125.00Click here for more information about this option...
Coated Rod Bearings, Add $253.00Click here for more information about this option...
Coated Rod Bearings and Premium Main Bearings, Add $353.00
*Gasket Options  
MLX HEMI 5 Layer Head Gaskets by Cometic .040, Add $253.00
No Gaskets
MLX HEMI 5 Layer Head Gaskets by Cometic .052 , Add $253.00
Piston Options - Oversized Pistons Require Block Machining  
+.010 Oversized Forged Drop-In Pistons - (3.927 Bore), Add $40.00
+.030 Overbore Forged Drop-In Pistons - (3.947 Bore), Add $40.00
Do you need a Ring Filer?  
SME-906000 Billet Manual Ring Filer, Add $109.95

Base Price: $1,649.95
Customized Price: $1,649.95

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Are you looking to get the MOST out of your Gen III HEMI without worrying about failing internals? If you’re considering supercharging, turbo charging, running nitrous, or a combination of these then you have come to the right place. OK we have had great success with our drop in pistons for several years now so it is time to add the 5.7L HEMI platform to our lineup. These will match factory specs for balance and will not require any balancing(therefore no crank removal). We will be making the pistons from 2618 material and will include a premium ring package and tool steel wrist pins. For the rods in the package, we called on our good friend Tom Molnar of Molnar Technologies to design us a rod that would stand up to the new power levels and match factory weights. The ARP 2000 bolts used in all of our rods are of a proprietary design by Tom Molnar. 

No engine build delays - No balancing charges - Less down time - No engine shipping cost


  • MAHLE Modern Muscle Proprietary Design Piston
  • 2618 material piston
  • Tool steel wrist pin
  • Top ring moved down
  • Accumulator groove between first and second ring
  • Napier oil control second ring
  • 1mm, 1mm, 2mm premium ring package standard
  • Coated skirts
  • Coated ring lands
  • Comp ratio 9.7 to 10.2 depending on gasket selection
  • Molnar or K1 Rods
  • ARP Rod Bolts

5.7L HEMI Engines 
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