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MMX VVT HEMI Performance Camshaft Tuning Package by Modern Muscle Xtreme

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Weight:15.0 lbs
*Choose Your Camshaft  
Remote Tuning Additional Information  
Vehicle VIN Number (Needed for Unlocked PCM)
CAL ID (Needed for Unlocked PCM)
Approximate Vehicle Mileage - Within 10 to 15 miles variation is acceptable.(Needed for UnlockedPCM)
Remote Tuning Add-ons  
Standard MPVI2 HEMI Engine Tuner by HP Tuners with 2 Credits, Add $399.97
2018+ Smart Access Cable (Needed for 2018+), Add $89.00
Unlocked PCM, Add $949.95
Send Us Your PCM for Unlocking, Add $300.00

Sale Price: $350.00
Customized Price: $350.00

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Custom Tuning for the MMX family of performance HEMI camshafts and camshaft kits!

Simply choose your MMX camshaft from the drop down menu, provide us with the follow up text box requirements and checkout. Don't forget to complete your "Remote Tuning Agreement" document linked below.

MMX Tuning for MMX Camshafts 
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