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6.4L HEMI 85mm Nitrous Kit Hard Line - Single Stage by Nitrous Outlet

Weight:40.0 lbs
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No Bottle
10LB. Bottle, Add $100.00
12LB. Composite Bottle, Add $550.00
15LB. Bottle, Add $175.00
*Purge Kit Options  
No Purge Kit
Nitrous Outlet "Big Show" -4AN Purge Kit, Add $139.99
Nitrous Outlet "Big Show" -6AN Purge Kit, Add $139.99
Nitrous Outlet -4AN Purge Kit, Add $119.99
Nitrous Outlet -6AN Purge Kit, Add $119.99
X-Series -4AN Purge Kit, Add $99.99
X-Series -6AN Purge Kit, Add $99.99

Base Price: $669.99
Customized Price: $669.99

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Modern Muscle Xtreme is proud to offer the premium line of Nitrous Outlet products. Their unmatched quality and dedication to their craft make them the obvious choice in the HEMI arena.

Gain up to 400 HP.
This wet nitrous plate system comes out of the box ready to spray up to 200 HP but is capable flowing up to 400 HP with additional jetting.

Superior Atomization. 
This injection plate has 6 specially designed nitrous and fuel discharge ports that completely saturate the air intake charge for the best atomized mixture possible. For higher horsepower levels proper distribution into the air stream is critical for equal cylinder to cylinder distribution.

Wet Nitrous Plate
This system includes a billet aluminum plate to fit 6.4L Hemi intakes with an 85mm throttle body and is capable of flowing up to 400 HP of nitrous. Each billet plate has a black anodized finish with laser etched logo and fuel/nitrous labels.

Wide Open Throttle Activation.
This system includes a wide open throttle (WOT) switch that only allows the system to be activated when the motor is at full throttle. This safety feature will prevent engine damage and lean spikes.

Complete System. 
This system includes all of the necessary components, jetting, hardware and wiring to install a wet nitrous system capable of adding 200 HP to your Dodge Truck, Challenger, Charger, Magnum, SRT-8 Jeep, and Chrysler 300C/SRT-8

This system is specifically designed to fit vehicles like the Jeep SRT-8, Chrysler 300 SRT-8 with the 6.4L Hemi intake with 85mm throttle body.
2012 - 2014 6.4L HEMI Powered Challengers
2012 - 2014 6.4L HEMI Powered Chargers
2012 - 2014 6.4L HEMI Powered 300c
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