6.4L 392 SRT HEMI STD Bore 4032 Forged Drop In Pistons

Weight:20.0 lbs
**Please check local and State laws for emissions compliance before purchasing this product**
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Please send Standard 4.090 bore
Please send .005 oversize 4.095 bore, Add $40.00
Please send .010 oversize 4.100 bore, Add $80.00

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Forged Drop In Stock SRT 392 6.4L Pistons!
These pistons maintain factory compression ratio! 

Why get a set? No balance required, stock bore replacements, premium 1mm 1mm 2mm rings, use stock rods or upgrade to MMX drop ins, forged 4032 material piston and new high strength pins, coated ring lands, coated skirts, stop ring moved down for added strength, additional cross section added to ring land between first and second compression ring for added strength, increase volume of accumulator groove between first and second ring for added strength (reduce pressure spikes that cause land failures), addition of valve reliefs to accommodate larger cam profiles .080int and .050exh, and file fit piston rings included.

*Note: These pistons are intended for use with stock rods or our own forged rods only. Using ANY other rod will throw the assembly out of balance.
Stock 6.4L / 392 HEMI Engines 
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