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Hellcat 6.2L HEMI CNC Ported Heads by Modern Muscle Performance

Weight:100.0 lbs
Price: $4,350.00
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Compared to the 392 Apache head, the Hellcat head looks very similar, but the Hellcat heads are cast at a specialty low volume using Hellcat specific tooling. The Apache head is a 319 alloy while the Hellcat head is a premium heat-treated 356-T6 alloy, giving it higher thermal conductivity and improved elongation (one of the measures of an alloy's strength). Of note are the differences in the valves. The Modern Muscle valves are a custom proprietary valve with a thicker cross section for higher horsepower applications. The intake valves are a stainless high-temp hollow stem valve, and the exhaust valves are solid type inconel. These Modern Muscle valves are used in 1500+ horsepower turbo applications.

The following are some improved features of Hellcat heads over the Apache heads:
  • Better material for boost
  • Increased stiffness for boost
  • Improved water jacket design over any previous head design for higher power levels
  • Custom CNC porting by Modern Muscle Performance
  • Multi angle valve job, and blended
Be sure and ask about installation, and professional calibration here at Modern Muscle Performance!
Hellcat 6.2L HEMI Engines

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