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HEMI High Capacity Oil Pan by Modern Muscle Performance

Weight:20.0 lbs
Original Price: $699.95
On Sale For: $619.95
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Introducing the Modern Muscle custom high capacity oil pan. The benefits of running this modified oil pan are numerous, added oil capacity required for high horse power fast revving engine combinations that may starve for oil due to inefficient oil return. Better cooling from added volume and surface area. By retaining the stock pan you do not sacrifice the structural integrity between the engine and transmission. We have added internal baffles to keep oil at the pick up, no dust cover required. Adds 3.5 qts to stock capacity. 

*Receive a $50.00 credit if you send in your stock pan.

Pan must be in good condition. (NO EXPLOSIONS, CORROSION OR DEEP SCRATCHES)

Think about this:
  • On the Dodge RAM trucks which there have been millions produced, Dodge adds a rear brace to their sheet metal pan. Do you think Mother MOPAR would spend a dime if it was't required?
  • Although the Hemi is a skirted block there is no support between the engine and transmission below crank centerline
  • Everyone knows the Hemi shares the same bolt pattern as the Chrysler small blocks. They were using braces on the automatics since 1964 till they stopped producing them. That is a lot of units produced.
  • Personal experience when we Raced a 904 transmission in our Super Stock car we would crack a transmission case in 10 runs without the brace. That was a car with frame connectors and a full cage. Think about todays cost and weight saving engineering and think about how much they model in the support between engine and transmission when designs are done.
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