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Hellcat L4 Triple Pump Fuel System by Fore Innovations

Weight:20.0 lbs
*Fuel Rail Option  
Clear (satin silver)
Delete Fore Hellcat Fuel Rails, Subtract -$435.00
*Primary Fuel Pump  
Walbro GSS342, Add $90.00
TI Auto F90000262, Add $115.00
TI Auto F90000267, Add $120.00
TI Auto F90000274, Add $125.00
*Secondary Fuel Pump  
Walbro GSS342, Add $180.00
2x TI Auto F90000262, Add $230.00
2x TI Auto F90000267, Add $240.00
2x TI Auto F90000274, Add $250.00
*Electrical Upgrades  
None (I have my own fuses, wiring, relays, etc)
FC2 Controller with 6 gauge wiring, Add $199.00
FC3 Staged Controller with 4 gauge wiring, Add $239.00
Sealed Delphi Connector and 7' 12 AWG pigtail only, Add $25.00
*Fuel Lines  
PTFE -8 Feed / Return
Startlite -8 Feed / Return
PTFE -10 Feed / -8 Return, Add $65.00
Startlite -10 Feed, -8 Return, Add $65.00
Fuel Filter Upgrades  
Upgrade to reusable stainless 10 micron filter, Add $30.00
Add billet mounting bracket, Add $40.00
Add filter monitoring gauge and fitting, Add $54.00
*Filter Media Options  
Microglass SSD, Add $19.00
Stainless Steel, Add $32.00
*Hellcat Fuel Pressure Sensor Options  
Delete OE Fuel Pressure Sensor
Inline Aftermarket Sensor, Add $86.00
Regulator Mounted Aftermarket Sensor, Add $52.00
*System Options  
0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge, Add $24.00
Honeywell Pressure Switch for FC3, Add $42.00
Flex fuel sensor intercept kit, Add $69.00
Boost / Vacuum Manifold kit, Add $75.00
Upgrade to multiport F4i regulator, Add $76.00
Include 6mL tube of Loctite 567, Add $8.50
Include black touch-up pen, Add $7.00
AN soft jaws and wrench set, Add $62.00

Base Price: $2,063.00
Customized Price: $2,063.00

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Are you planning on turning up the wick on your Hellcat Challenger or Charger? If so this is definitely an upgrade you must consider. If you plan on increasing the horsepower output of your 6.2L HEMI Hellcat whether its, changing the supercharger pulleys, getting a set of our CNC ported Hellcat heads, etc. then you have to consider the new demands on the stock fuel system. That last thing you want to do is run your Hellcat 6.2L HEMI engine too lean. Fore Innovations has a long history of providing top-shelf aftermarket fuel systems to increase the volume of fuel supplied to HEMI engines after upgrades have been made.

Boost Referenced Return System for 1800+ rwhp. Traditional parallel feed, post regulated configuration ensures best fuel delivery consistency. Our compact y-block splits the feed evenly to each rail, then each rail feeds back to the regulator.

This fuel system includes:
  • LX / LC Hellcat Fuel Pump Module (triple pump)
  • F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 88mm Inline Fuel Filter
  • Billet Hellcat Hemi Fuel Rails
  • LX / LC Hellcat OE Feed Line Blockoff Plug
  • All fittings, hose, hardware required for typical fuel line plumbing
    • 30 feet of fuel line and 10 matching hose ends (your choice)
    • Qty 7, billet low profile 90 degree o-ring fittings
    • Qty 3, straight AN to ORB fittings
    • Qty 1, -8 ORB plug
    • Qty 10, hose straps and mounting screws

Notes on Hellcat OE Fuel Pressure Sensor Options:

By default, our fuel system will delete the OE fuel pressure sensor. Due to popular request, we have added the following provisions for the fuel pressure sensor, which must be selected by the purchaser:
  • Delete OE Fuel Pressure Sensor
  • Inline Aftermarket Sensor: includes a new AC Delco sensor and provisions to mount in a high flow coupling with two more hose ends. In L2 and L4 systems, this can be installed without extending the OE electrical harness; however, extension of the OE harness may still be required on L3 systems.
  • Regulator Mounted Aftermarket Sensor: includes a new AC Delco sensor and an adapter to mount directly on the fuel pressure regulator. The installer will have to extend the OE electrical harness to accommodate the new location of the sensor.
  • 2015+ Charger SRT Hellcat
  • 2015+ Challenger SRT Hellcat
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