1200cc HEMI Fuel Injectors by Fuel Injector Clinic

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Weight:4.0 lbs
**Please check local and State laws for emissions compliance before purchasing this product**

✓ This Price INCLUDES the Plug and Play USCAR adapters!

*Injector Height  
48mm (Standard Height)
34mm (Whipple)

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ModernMuscleXtreme.com only offers the very best in our injector selection for your HEMI powered hotrod.

Fuel Injector Clinic is owned and staffed by automotive enthusiasts with more than 60 years combined experience who are dedicated to achieving excellence in the pursuit of higher horsepower, faster trap speeds, and lower lap times while maintaining reliability and drivability.

In order to accomplish that goal, Their focus is providing fuel injectors for high performance vehicles to racing teams, dealers, tuners, auto shops, and private individuals throughout the world. They are recognized industry-wide for our commitment to providing the best products and excellent customer service. The Fuel Injector Clinic Motto is that an informed customer is a happy customer.
  • Dodge Fuel Injector Clinic Injector Set: 8 
  • 1200cc/min (110lbs/hr) at 3 bar (43.5psi) fuel pressure 
  • 130lbs/hr (1350cc/min) at OE 58psi (4 bar) fuel pressure 
  • Saturated / High Impedance Injectors
  • Drop-in for size and plug
This injector set is precisely matched using Fuel Injector Clinic's proprietary Data Match Technology. Each injector is individually serial numbered and the results are provided on the Data Match Sheet providing the most complete flow matching and latency value information available in the industry today. 

Horsepower Rating:
  • Cylinder Quantity: 8
  • Impedance: High-Z
  • WHP on Gas at 43.5psi 90%DC Turbo: 1117.14
  • WHP on Gas at 58psi 90%DC Turbo: 1290.30
  • WHP on E85 at 43.5psi 90%DC Turbo: 859.34
  • WHP on E85 at 58psi 90%DC Turbo: 992.54
  • WHP on Gas at 43.5psi 90%DC NA: 1340.57
  • WHP on Gas at 58psi 90%DC NA: 1548.36
  • WHP on E85 at 43.5psi 90%DC NA: 1031.21
  • Fuel Pressure (psi): 58
  • Engine aspiration: naturally aspirated

Dodge HEMI Models (2005+)
Chrysler HEMI Models (2005+)
Jeep HEMI Models (2005+)
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