FC3 HEMI Fuel System Harness and Controller by Fore Innovations

Weight:2.0 lbs
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Add Main Power and Ground Harness, Add $40.00
Add Three Pump Pigtails, Add $20.00

Base Price: $209.00
Customized Price: $209.00

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These wiring harnesses by Fore Innovations are a MUST HAVE if you are upgrading your fuel system with a our single pump performance system with the intent to add a second pump. Even without the addition of the second pump, these harness are absolutely ideal for peace of mind in supplying your new fuel system all of the voltage it needs without worry.

  • Two stage electrical solution for dual or triple pump return fuel systems for efficient load handling and power distribution
  • Simple trigger system works with basic switched 12V+ on/off (6.5V+ minimum)
  • Run 1,2, or 3 pumps full time, with remaining pumps activated on demand (requires external switch, i.e. Hobbs, RPM, etc)
  • 30 amp x 3 capacity, 99.3% efficient
  • Replaceable internal fuses for each pump
  • May also be used on other DC motors such as intercooler, water (check current requirements)
  • NEW High Current APP® connectors pre-installed on main power/ground for maximum connection integrity and reliability

Available Configurations:
  • Basic: comes with unassembled APP® connector for main power and ground
  • Add Main Power and Ground Harness: 15' 4 AWG power, 3' 4 AWG ground assembled to APP® power connector with 100A inline fuse.
  • Add Pump Pigtails: three pairs of interchangeable 7' 12 AWG pump wires assembled to Delphi pump connectors and unassembled male Delphi connectors

  • do not operate with over 16.5V supplied power
  • for interior installation only
  • run only one pump per output (three maximum)

Honeywell Pressure Switch
Replacement 4 AWG APP® main power connector, unassembled
Fore Fuel Systems 
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