Hydramat Fuel Filter Sock by Holley

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Holley's latest Hydramat design has an 11mm outlet that connects to the TI 450LPH and other pumps that use the same attachment design. The outlet has 6 lock pin positions to allow you to index the Hydramat on the fuel pump for custom applications depending on your fuel tank or cell setup. The multiple pin locking feature on the pump inlet allows for removal and repositioning without damage or loss of retention. This is a huge advantage over the "one use only" filter socks that are included with most pumps.

  • The TI 450 LPH (F90000267), 400 LPH (F90000262) & GSS342 (and others with the 11mm O.D. inlet) plug directly into this HydraMat
  • The outlet has 6 positions to orient the HydraMat for best location in the fuel cell
  • The pin locking feature on the pump inlet allows for removal and repositioning without damage or loss of retention
  • Patent pending design that solves the problems associated with traditional fuel pick-ups in stock fuel tanks as well as racing fuel cells
  • Greatly reduces the potential for air to enter into the fuel system which can result in poor engine performance and/or engine stalling
  • Perfect for vehicles experiencing fuel starvation during hard cornering, acceleration, stopping, inclines, and low fuel conditions
  • Surface tension and fluid wicking allow the HydraMat to continue to draw fuel from the tank or cell even when part of the mat uncovered
  • As an area of the HydraMat is uncovered, tiny pores in the media seal off through surface tension, forcing fuel to be drawn from other areas of the mat where fuel continues to be available
  • Unique internal reservoir assists in keeping fuel available at the pickup even under extreme fuel slosh conditions
  • Eliminates the need for specialty reservoirs, sumps and pick up pumps saving cost and greatly reducing complexity
  • Also acts as a 15 micron pre-filter eliminating the need for a separate filter before the fuel pump
  • Replacement HydraMat for Retro-Fit fuel modules; 12-130, 12-131, 12-132 and 12-133
  • HydraMats are also available in other sizes and shapes to fit a variety of stock fuel tanks and/or race fuel cells
3" x 15" Universal 
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