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Dodge Hellcat Lowering Springs by Eibach

Weight:60.0 lbs
Price: $323.33
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Dodge Challenger Hellcat owners want to lower the center of gravity of your hotrod? These performance suspension springs by Eibach will drop your Hellcat down 1.1" in the front and 1.2" in the rear to provide better cornering, better braking, not to mention a more aggressive look.

Pro-Kit lowers your Hellcat's center of gravity, reducing squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under braking. When combined with Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheels and tires, the Eibach Pro-Kit is the finishing touch to a winning recipe for performance. Pro-Kit also reduces excessive fender-well clearance, making your car look just as hot as it performs.

Every Eibach Pro-Kit is designed and tested by our suspension engineers and performance driving professionals, to deliver aggressive good looks and high performance handling, without ever compromising safety or ride quality. By using our proprietary, progressive spring design, Pro-Kit provides the ultimate balance to take your passion for driving to a whole new level.




OE rate: 55 N/mm (314 lbs/in)
b 40 - 66 N/mm (228 - 377 lbs/in)
Bump-stop: OE
Damper: OE
Tubing: Yes
OE wheel center to fender: 397 mm (15.6 in)
PRO-KIT wheel center to fender: 369 mm (14.5 in)
PRO-KIT can be aligned to OE Specs: Yes

Front Alignment:

OE Camber = -1.1L, -1.4R deg (+/-0.6 deg)
OE Caster = -0.7 deg (+/-0.6 deg)
OE Toe = 0.20 deg (+/-0.10 deg)
PRO-KIT Camber = -1.6L, -1.9R deg (+/-0.6 deg)
PRO-KIT Caster = -0.9 deg
PRO-KIT Toe = 0.10 deg
Approximate installation time: 1.5 hr


OE rate: 136 N/mm (777 lbs/in)
PRO-KIT progressive rate: 55 - 164 N/mm (314 - 937 lbs/in)
Damper: OE
Bump-stop: OE
Tubing: N/A
OE wheel center to fender: 416 mm (16.4 in)
PRO-KIT wheel center to fender: 387 mm (15.2 in)
PRO-KIT can be aligned to OE specs: Yes

Rear Alignment:

OE Camber = -0.8 (+/-0.6 deg)
OE Toe = 0.20 deg. (+0.15 deg)
PRO-KIT Camber = -1.1 deg
PRO-KIT Toe = 0.17 deg
Approximate installation time: 1 hr

2015 & Up Dodge Challenger Hellcat 
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